Services & Fees

You will get a high-quality home inspection backed by experience and care.

Residential Inspection

If you're planning on buying or selling a home, then hiring a home inspector could save you thousands of dollars. It will also help you understand the property you want to buy and the possible defects. For sellers, it can provide insight into a home to know what to expect and can make repairs before listing a property.

4-Point Inspection

A 4-Point Inspection is a basic evaluation of four critical areas of a home—the HVAC systems, the roofing system, the electrical system, and the plumbing system. This inspection is often required by insurers before they’re willing to issue or renew a policy on an older home.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspections identify vulnerable areas of a property and provide a digital report with estimated wind mitigation score. Protect your home.

Mold Testing

There are over 400,000 types of mold, and while there are only a few dozen that are toxic, exposure to many molds can lead to health problems. It can also cause structural damage to your house.

Wood Destroying Organisms

We protect your property from wood-destroying organisms like termites and carpenter ants to prevent costly repairs. Our experienced team uses advanced techniques and products for detection and elimination. We offer preventative measures for future protection and a thorough assessment of risks.

Sewer Scope inspection

Sewer scope inspections detect issues in a property's sewer line with a camera, recommended for older or problematic properties. Early detection is key to prevent costly repairs such as blockages, pipe damage, or tree root infiltration. The camera sends real-time images to licensed professionals for assessment, commonly required during property transactions.

Pool inspection

Pool inspections ensure safety and hygiene. Professionals use specialized equipment to check the pool's condition and provide a detailed report with recommended fixes, which helps homeowners comply with regulations and prevent accidents.

Drone inspection

Drone inspection utilizes UAVs fitted with sensors and cameras to safely and swiftly inspect structures, equipment and environments. It reduces reliance on traditional inspection methods in remote or challenging locations and is employed in diverse fields such as construction, utilities, telecommunication, and environmental monitoring.

Wood Destroying Organisms

Our WDO service protects your property from wood-destroying organisms like termites, ants, and beetles. Our pros use latest tech and methods to inspect and treat issues. We're non-invasive, safe, and effective. Trust us for a healthy, safe property.

Thermal Imaging

Using infrared technology, our thermal imaging services detect temperature differences and hidden issues like leaks, electrical faults, and insulation problems. Our thorough inspections, performed with high-quality cameras, identify areas requiring attention. Upgrading insulation can result in lower energy bills.